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Teachers in Regions Preparing for Protest


Teachers in Regions Preparing for Protest

14.12.2005, “Media News” – Teachers held a protest in front of the Parliament building in Tbilisi. The trade union of scientists and teachers of Georgia organized the protest.

More than 1500 teachers, mainly from the country’s regions, at first gathered in front of the Philarmonia and then moved towards the Parliament. The teachers raised several demands for the government, among which was the increase of the sum paid per pupil to schools.

By the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science, 220 Gel is granted per pupil in the cities and 397 Gel in the villages. This sum should be used for sustaining the whole educational process. However, the teachers say that this amount of money is not enough for salaries, pensions, books and the education itself.

If the demands of the protesters are not met, they will hold strikes in the regions as well.

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