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Sozar Subari Demands Criminal Case Launched Regarding Torture of Ossetians


Sozar Subari Demands Criminal Case Launched Regarding Torture of Ossetians

Tbilisi. 29.05.06. Media News. Giorgi Khaindrava, the State Minister responsible for conflict issues and Sozar Subari, returned from the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone late last night.

They were there to study the detention of Ossetians by Georgian law-enforcers and the corresponding detention of Georgians by Ossetians. They met Ossetian victims, the Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior of the de-facto government of South Ossetia.

According to the victims, two masked men beat them severely. The perpetrators have not been identified yet.

Sozar Subari demands a case be brought against the perpetrators under the article concerning torture. As for the beating of four Georgians in the village of Nuli, Giorgi Khaindrava states that this was carried out by the Gazaevs brothers. One person alleged to have beaten the Georgians has been detained, others are still wanted.
“People who have big responsibility cannot realize that there is a large part of Georgia that is not controlled by us. Any wrong step from our side hits that segment of the population who we are not able to help. The best example of this is the ‘Phrone gorge’ area where violence is currently taking place. For example, the Gazaevs brothers are bandits who will be held responsible before the law. These people beat four Georgians severely. Although it was a reflection of the violations against people that took place in Gori police station. It was a huge relief for me when every Ossetian victim declared that the Gori policemen treated them well and with humanity and that they were very grateful to them for that. They added that if it were not for the police, they might not be alive”, said Giorgi Khaindrava.

According to Sozar Subari however, the type inhuman treatment inflicted on the detained Ossetians is a practice that the Georgian police should have long forgotten.

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