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European Union Urges Russia to Stop Persecuting Georgians

Tbilisi. 18.10.06. Media-news. The Council of General Affairs and Foreign Relations of EU discussed and agreed the final document regarding the Russian-Georgian relations in Luxemburg.

The document emphasizes, that “European Council expresses concern regarding the measures taken by the Russian Federation against Georgia as well as regarding its’ economic, political and humanitarian results.

European Council advises Russia not to carry out actions against Georgians and calls for both sides to act according to the international responsibilities and obligations and take measures to settle the conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia taking in mind the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia.

The documents reads: “The council is deeply concerned about the Georgian-Russian strained relations. The council emphasizes the importance of mitigating the public rhetoric and urges the both sides to renovate the dialogue for normalization the relations.
The council foresees the desire of EU to provide strategic partnership with Russia and also its aim of intensifying the relations with Georgia within the framework of the European neighborhood policy. In this context, the Council confirms that EU has the desire to collaborate with Georgia and the Russian Federation for restoring the mutual confidence and support them to prevent the crisis in a peaceful way. The EU also expresses its desire to collaborate with Georgia and Russia for consolidating stability and prosperity in the region”.

Hereby, The Council calls for the both sides to defend all agreements regarding conflicts as foreseen by the UNSC resolution.

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