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Pavle Kublashvili Linked Activities of the Chamber of Control to the Venice Commission Recommendation

Chairman of the Legal Committee at the Parliament Pavle Kublashvili claims the recent activities of the Chamber of Control was recommended by the Venice Commission.

Pavle Kublashvili told journalists that information about search-interrogation of people in the regions of Georgia by the Chamber of Control is exaggerated and said he cannot understand why NGOs protest it unless they are linked with any political party.

As for ongoing investigations, Kublashvili said the Chamber of Control studies financial transparency of the Georgian Dream and wants to get verified information from concrete people. The MP added that information is checked with those people, whose spaces were rented by the Georgian Dream, who uses this building and who received funds from the Georgian Dream.

Additionally, as the MP said, there are cases when other legal entity pays money to people for some service instead political party. Kublashvili claims neither MIA nor prosecutor’s office representatives attend the interrogation of Chamber of Control.

“Only Chamber of Control is involved in the process. It is not criminal procedure; the Chamber of Control gets information from first sources and it can be linked with any untransparent financial expenditure,” Kublashvili said.

He added Chamber of Control is authorized to request information but it must not be formal process and the Chamber of Control should inquire only transparency of financial expenditure of entities.

“If somebody alleges that they do not have connection with financial operations, the Chamber of Control should not rely on it and should estimate the truth. It was recommendation of the Venice Commission and Council of Europe to the Chamber of Control to be more active,” Pavle Kublashvili said.


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