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Davit Berdzenishvili Calls Proposal of the Kutaisi City Hall “Political Ping Pong”

Davit Bardzenishvili said offering an alternative place to Georgian Dream for the protest assembly in Kutaisi by Kutaisi City Hall is “Political ping-pong”. As Berdzenishvili told TV Company Maestro yesterday, the planned meeting will take place in Kutaisi. 

“Kutiasi City Hall replied to our petition that they have scheduled events for the next one month and they intend to fill the huge square with school children. If the Chamber of Control was the main institution to fight against us, now they use children for the purpose. It shows their inadequacy, but of course we will hold the meeting in Kutaisi, and it will be a huge one”, Berdzenishvili said.

He did not exclude that the date of the protest may change “in order to allow government to accuse us of violation.”

“We were told GeoStar is organizing concert from 5 to 8 pm on June 7. We told them we also love Geostar and they could give the space to them but from 8 to 9 pm. We do love Geostar. Many of our supporters love them. I want to note that it will be hard for the government to play a political ping pong game. There will be moderate protest in Kutaisi, like it was in Tbilisi. We will do our best to organize it on June 7. But we will not allow the government to accuse us of violation,” Davit Berdzenishvili said and added that the manifestation planned in Kutaisi will take place no later than early June. 

Kutaisi City Hall offered Georgian Dream an alternative venue to hold the protest. The coalition asked permission from the City Hall to hold the meeting on 7 June on the central square, though the local government explained that a concert was planned in the vicinity. 

Various events are planned in the centre of the town for the month in the framework of music and theatre festival. As Kutaisi City Hall press service informed, Georgian Dream was offered alternative place near Aghmashenebeli statue, Balakhvani square, and at so called 100-step stair.

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