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Property and Accounts of Cartu Bank’s Eight Employees Including Nodar Javakhishvili Are Sequestrated

The property and accounts of Cartu Bank’s eight employees and the bank president Nodar Javakhisvili are sequestrated; allegedly they are donors of the coalition Georgian Dream. Nodar Javakhishvili told Interpressnews about it and added that the decision was unprecedented and politically motivated.

As Javakhishvili said, although he and his colleagues went to the State Audit Office with official documents auditors did not take them into consideration.

“I want to underscore the case of my colleague Irakli Meraia - he transferred money to the party’s account three times: 100 lari, 200 lari and 33 thousand lari. It turned out that he could not clarify any of these transfers. Mogeladze could get suspicious about the transfer of 33 thousand lari but there was nothing strange if a man, who has salary of over 4 000 lari, donated 100 lari to the political party NodarJavakhishvili said.

According to Nodar Javakhishvili, he was at the State Audit Office on August 8 and presented documents to prove that he had transferred compensation of 17 000 lari to the Georgian Dream which had received as a compensation for having been fired from the position of Bank’s president.

“I presented the document with the signature of Vladimer Ugulava – temporary manager of the Bank at. So, I do not know what is obscure in this transfer”, - Nodar Javakhishvili said.

Javakhishvili added that the bank employees also contributed their compensations to the party. He said that the trial on this issue will be held at 10:00 am tomorrow.

“We were summoned to the court. I am sure they will fine us with five hold of our donation - 1 100 000 lari and they will sell our property by public auction”, Nodar Javakhishvili said.


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