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Human Rights Winners Announced in Tbilisi
The Human Rights Center and online newspaper www.humanrights.ge organized competition for journalists and photographers working in the sphere of human rights. Winners were announced on December 17 at the Kopala” Gallery “in Tbilisi.

Head of Shida Kartli Police Department Threatened Regional Journalists with Imprisonment
Press service department of Shida Kartli regional administration has replied to information provided by the Human Rights Center titled: “Journalists Are Not Allowed Into the Regional Administration according to Shida Kartli Regional Governor’s Orders.”

Director of Radio “Imedi” Persecutes Journalists for Expressing Diverse Opinions
Nino Gabriadze, director of the Radio-Company “Imedi”, persecutes correspondents of the Information Department for having varying opinion to her own. Journalists Manana Tokmajishvili and Nino Tskhvarashvili stated at a meeting held at the Public Defender’s Office to that the director has forced them to write resignation letters. Prior Gabriadze’s decision, social-political programs that were presented by Tokmajishvili and Tskhvarashvili were pulled off the air.

Lack of Press Freedoms: Dissident Movement vs. Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB),
Five journalists have been beaten since the Georgian - Russian war of early August, 2008. Georgian TV Companies are not airing documentary films criticizing the Georgian government. On November 13 independent journalist Irma Inashvili, film-director Levan Anjaparidze and Levan Kordzaia, member of the movement “November 7” held a press-conference at the Hotel “Prima Vere”, where they discussed instances of being harassed and victimized only because they exercised their  Constitutional protection of speech.

TV Company “Iveria” May Cease Broadcasting in License Squabble
Giorgi Andriadze, director of the TV Company “Iveria” accuses authorities for violating articles of the Constitutional Agreement. The TV Company has been demanding to be issued a separate frequency for a long time but in spite of all their demands the central government is not responding.
Out of Protest Journalist Refused to Anchor TV Program
MP does not deny his close relations with criminals

Journalist Marina Gogoladze refused to lead up the weekly TV program “Studio-Dialog” for the regional TV Company “Lagodekhi” and citing Gogoladze, she explained “that because of the interference of the director of the TV Company in the editorial independence of the TV talk program is why she decided to refused to host the program.”

Journalists’ Fiery Language of Hatred in Reporting Conflicts
“Separatist Ossetians,” “aggressor Russians”… “Looters and ugly Northern enemies…” these are the common terms most often used in the articles published by Georgian media sources or various TV programs. Georgian conflict resolution and media experts  take exception and condemn this tendency as being inappropriate and point out that activities of journalist should serve a purpose of preventing conflicts and not escalation – adding fuel to the fire.

Member of Municipality Board Threatened Anchor on Live TV
In the evening of October 13, Eva Lomtadze, member of Lagodekhi Municipality Board and chairwoman of the commission for social issues, threatened Marina Gogoladze, journalist and TV presenter of weekly program “Studia Dialogi” of the TV Company Lagodekhi. Evidently, Lomtadze was irritated by the fact that the TV Company did not block some of the questions presented by the TV audience.  The program also showed a piece where those livng in Lagodekhi harshly criticized the local MP.”

“Have you been elated by Saakashvili’s medal?!” A Journalist who received Presidential Medal of Honor Abducted in Samegrelo
Malkhaz Basilaia is the former correspondent of news report program Mzera (TV Company Mze), which was shut down several months ago. Malkhaz Basilaia was first detained by Abkhazians back in February 26, 2008 when he was the Mzera correspondent in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region. Abkhazians kept him in captivity for 10 days. Malkhaz would have never imagined that he would be later abducted and abused by Georgians some six months after this incident. Basilaia was detained by Georgians for three hours and during the ordeal was beaten and threatened with same sex rape and to be killed. Unfortunately, Georgians did what Abkhazians did not even think about- they acted as if they were going to rape the journalist.  9 armed people were beating the journalist in Jegera Forest and kept repeating one and the same words: “Have you been elated by Saakashvili’s medal?!”

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