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“Mind Your Behavior Not To Hurt Yourself”
Kakha Mikaia, the member of the political council of Georgian Party openly argued with the journalist Jaba Khubua on live broadcasting of the radio Palitra. The journalist left yesterday’s program of Resume as a form of protest. Gia Gachechiladze states that he will cut his neck on live TV. Jaba Khubua calls the members of Ethics Charter of Journalists the police supervisors.
Judge Did Not Let Attorney Into Court Room
Judge at the Dedoplistskaro district court Shorena Kavelashvili did not let the lawyer of the Human Rights Center Lia Khuroshvili into the court room; the lawyer had to defend the journalists at the trial yesterday. The lawyer arrived at the court one minute after the judge had entered the court room.

Human Rights Defenders Requesting Release of Political Prisoner Zaza Chakvetadze
The member of National Forum Kakha (Zaza) Chakvetadze is still under arrest. Political parties and NGOs agreed on that Chakvetadze is a political prisoner. On December 14th the human rights defending NGOs gathered and introduced the special appeal to media in the House of Free Opinion.

Human Rights Defenders’s Appeal on the Case of Gvantsa Kuparadze
Georgian human rights defenders are appealing to the Georgian Government, the public defender, the Human Rights and Legal Issue Committees of Parliament, international human rights organizations and the diplomatic corpus accredited in Georgia to urgently study the case of Gvantsa Kuparadze, who was sentenced to 10-year-imprisonment. We ask them to take all the necessary measures to ensure that justice is served in this case.
Honorable Citizenship Cannot Be Restored by Protest in Kitchens
Freedom, dignity, sympathy, love and protection of human rights – are essential not only for the nation but for each person. So, we, ordinary citizens of this country, are obliged to protect the honor and freedom of our country and each person by standing together.
The Torturously Killed Roin Shavadze was Summoned to Court as a Witness
The family of torturously killed Roin Shavadze was visited and told that “Roin Shavadze was summoned to Batumi City Court to Vera Dolidze.” After composing special protocol stating that Roin Shavadze passed away, the visitors left Shavadze family. This happened last Monday according to Roin Shavadze’s spouse, Tsitsino Shavadze and her lawyer Ramin Papadze who spoke with pressa.ge.
Police Could Not Find Corpse In The Field During One Month
17-year-old Giga Elizbarashvili was found dead in his native village after one-month search. Unfortunately only his bones and torn clothes were discovered in the village. The reason of his death is still unclear.
Appeal of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders to national authorities, civil society on the ground and international organizations
On November 13-14, 2010, human rights defenders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia gathered in Tbilisi to participate in the conference organized by the Human Rights Centre within the framework of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders- “For Your and Our Freedom.”

Choice of Georgian Residents of Gali District – Life in Fear or Homeless Displacement
Bela – an IDP from Abkhazia currently lives in Samegrelo region. After the war, she had not visited her native region. This summer, she managed to travel to Abkhazia for the first time. Bela initially visited her burnt and ruined house and then stayed with her relatives in the neighboring village.

Perfume and 20% Occupation
“20% of Georgia is occupied by the Russian Federation.” If the Parliament of Georgia enacts this draft-law, this notice might be written on the information leaflets of any perfume company in Georgia. This initiative will be introduced into the Law of Georgia on the Occupied Territories.
Soso Tsiskarishvili: “The introduction of the Georgian Army in Tskhinvali was aimed at causing Russian aggression”
 The 2008 Russian-Georgian armed conflict is still a very urgent topic for the world media. Several scandalous pieces of information were published on the website WikiLeaks which was immediately grabbed by journalists and reporters of various leading publications. American and European analysts criticize the incorrect politics of Georgia with regard to the separatist regions in 2005-2008.
Controversy on Ethnic Grounds
 The situation has complicated after the murder in the village of Karaghaji in Sighnaghi district several days ago. The villagers request to open a police station in the village and to withdraw illegal weapon from the population. The locals got particularly annoyed after 25-year-old Ilgar Karimov was arrested for the murder of three people in Karaghaji village. The locals say it is the third murder in the village for the last two years.
Moscow Denies Information About Organizing Terrorist Acts in Georgia
Yesterday, the ministry of internal affairs of Georgia spread information about the detention of 6-member-group of people who allegedly participated in the explosions in November-December, 2010. The detainees are accused in the explosion in Javakhishvili Street near the office of Labor Party.
Property Seized from the Citizen of Ireland in Sighnaghi
Much was written about deprivation of private properties in Sighnaghi by media sources and by humanrights.ge too. This story differs from other cases because the victim is the citizen of Ireland Ciara Rosemarie O'Sullivan. The property was seized from her without being warned.
Terrible Losses Overnight'
Cables Track US Diplomatic Efforts to Avert Russian-Georgian Conflict. The leaked embassy cables show how the US, after spending years helping to build up Georgia's military capabilities, made last-ditch diplomatic attempts to avert the August 2008 conflict between Georgia and Russia.

Secret Amendment about Imprisonment to the Constitution
On January 1, 2011, the amendments to the Constitution of Georgia will be put in force which will give unlimited power to the police and prosecutor’s office to detain people.
How Much Did the Gori District Budget Pay for “Kartli Week?”
With the initiative of the Shida Kartli regional governor Zurab Arsoshvili “Kartli Week” started on October 2. The head of the culture department Levan Shavliashvili said on October 2 that the planned events would cost 25 000 GEL. However, according to the materials we have got hold, the district budget paid only 17 066 GEL for the events.
Presa.ge Requests Information about Giorgi Barateli from the European Court
Presa.ge had to request assistance from the European Court of Human Rights in getting  public information regarding Giorgi Barateli.  Mr. Barateli was convicted for the murder of Georgian academician Guram Sharadze. The newspaper wants to learn which detention setting the convicted serves his term.
How the “Caucasus” Was Sold Out?
The founder of the Caucasus Online abandoned the country. Every door that was closed for Mamia Sanadiradze has been opened for the new owner of the company.
Public Servants Get Social Allowances Instead Impoverished People
Family of Rukhadzes lives in hard conditions in Pushkin Str. # 13 in Batumi. The wooden hut is the only shelter for the nine-member family.  The pension of 72-year-old Nadezhda Rukhadze is their only income. Two months ago, their social allowance was ceased because the family member Giorgi Rukhadze started working for the building company Center Point Group.
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