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Proposal to Chief Prosecutor on Initiation of Investigation into Alleged Offences Committed by Kobuleti Police

On November 30, 2015, the Public Defender of Georgia addressed the Chief Prosecutor to launch an investigation into alleged ill-treatment and other offences committed by officers of Kobuleti Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Demonstration against Early Marriages
On November 25, demonstration against early marriages was organized in Gori. According to the participants, early marriages increase cases of domestic violence. According to the statistic data, during two years (2011-2013), 7 367 girls (pupils of 7th-9th grades) stopped secondary education because of early marriages and related problems.
Gurjaani district population requests rehabilitation of the sport complex
Sport complex located in Vazisubani village, Gurjaani municipality has been in poor conditions for years. The two-storied building, which was used as a relax facility of sportsmen, is demolished. There is anti-sanitary in the yard of the sport complex.
Presentation of the Report “State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia”
Human Rights Center presented report State of Women and Juvenile Prisoners in Georgia in the conference hall of the National Library of Georgia.
Single Mother Urges for Help
Socially indigent mother applied to Human Rights Center for help. Rusudan Zaalishvili is growing up her 6-years-old son alone in extremely hard conditions. They do not have income and accommodation. She has health problems too. Rusudan Zaalishvili petitioned to the Tbilisi City Hall for flat rent.

State of Children’s Rights in Georgia
Child abuse, violation of the right to education, poverty and inadequate living conditions, pre-school education and access to health care- these are the problems that have been revealed during the monitoring conducted by the Child Right’s Center of the Public Defender which examined the state of children’s rights. According to the center, it is important to make children the leading priority for the state. There is still a lot of work to do in order to arrange the state of rights. 
The Court Issued a Precedent Decision Regarding the Twins Born by Two Surrogate Mothers
Administrative Cases panel of Tbilisi City Court made an important decision for protecting the best interests of children. Tbilisi City Court informed “Interpressnews” about this. According to them, the birth date of the twins who were born on different days by surrogate mothers was registered on the same calendar day. 
Children Begging on the Streets
“When people see a child, they feel more empathy and help us”, -this is a statement of a woman who begs in the subway passage. According to her, she used to live in an apartment in Saburtalo district, because of the difficult economic situation, she sold the apartment and now she is renting a flat. She is a single mother, who no longer receives a social allowance. She decided to go out on streets with her child for begging.
Line between Childish Pranks and Bullying
“Dreaded by all the mothers of the town, because he was idle and lawless and vulgar and bad – and because all their children admired him so, and delighted in his forbidden society, and wished they dared to be like him. He came and went, at his own free will. Nobody forbade him to fight. In a word, everything that goes to make life precious that boy had,”- this is how Mark Twain describes one of the characters of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn who was a role model for many children. 
Socially Indigent Person Was Fined With 10 000 Laris
On June 3, representatives of Human Rights House Tbilisi held press conference about fining socially indigent family with 10 000 Lari by the Tbilisi City Hall.
Husband Seized Child from a Domestic Violence Victim Woman
25 year old woman Natela Dumbadze, residing in one of the villages in Gurjaani municipality, is a victim of violence. The whole family, a husband, a mother and father in laws, were abusing her. 

Bullying in schools _ why school didn’t protect 11 year old child from suicide
The well-known fact of the violence among children, so called bullying, took place on March 27, 2015, at the public school in village Old Anagi in Sighnagi district. Schoolmates of the fifth grade student told him that he was adopted. After the physical confrontation 11 year old boy committed a suicide at home. According to the school director Nino Ghvedashvili, she knew that there was a conflict between the students, but because no physical and verbal confrontation had taken place in the territory of school, the school administration abstained from interfering in this conflict.  

The children in conflict with the law who live and work in streets
Part of the convicts of Avtchala Juvenile Prison serves sentence for the second or for the third time. The State still has lot more to do for the prevention of juvenile delinquency. The most difficult is to work with the children who had already been sentenced once. Besides, the children living and working in streets, who often commit crimes, fall into the so called risk group. Humanrights.ge became interested in the issues of these children. 
State of Human Rights in Georgia
In April of 2014 Georgian Parliament adopted National Strategy on Human Rights with the aim to ensure effective realization of human rights with relevant legislative, institutional and practical changes. The document set forth strategic plan to tackle prevalent human rights problems in number of directions, including protection of rights of minorities, combating gender-based violence, safeguarding freedom of religion, ensuring right to peaceful assembly and manifestations, developing mechanism for effective investigation of human rights violations by Georgian law enforcement bodies, and etc...
Education Problems of Juvenile Prisoners
In accordance to the Article 14 Part I – “b” of the Prison Code of Georgia, accused/convict has right to receive both comprehensive and vocational education. Underage convicts and accused have been enjoying this right for several years already. Nowadays, juvenile convicts are placed in prison # 11 and juvenile accused people are in special facilities of Prison # 8 and Prison # 2.
Accusations against Medical Personnel of Iashvili Medical Clinic
On March 26, 2014 Gela Didebashvili and Nino Tarimanashvili took their three-months-old infant from Temka medical clinic to Iashvili Pediatric Clinic because it was necessary to append him to the breathing apparatus. The baby has been in the Iashvili medical clinic for one year and one month. The parents claim due to negligence of the doctors the health of their baby worsened. Currently, the child has disabled status.
Human rights center calls on Minister of Labor, Healthcare and Welfare of Georgia to address case of underage N. D.
On April 24 at 11:30, in the press club of news agency “Pirweli’” Human Right Centre will held press-conference about poor health conditions of N.D. 
Juveniles in Jails
According to the data by December, 2014 there are 83 juvenile convicts/accused in the penitentiary establishments of Georgia that is 0.8% of the total amount of convicts in Georgia. According to the December, 2014 data, there are 36 accused and 47 convicted juveniles in Georgia; all of them are boys.
Human Rights Center Starting Monitoring Female and Juvenile Prison Facilities
Human Rights Center is starting project - Monitoring Conditions of Juvenile and Female Prisoners in Georgian Penitentiary. Project covers period from February 2015 till August 2015. The project aims to reveal problems existing in prisons for female and juvenile convicts and promoting improvement of imprisonment conditions. 
Have you ever been victim of domestic violence and have you applied to law enforcement bodies for help?
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