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Fear Eats the Soul – Mythological and Destroyed Saakashvili
His positive noise turned into a weak “thunder”; his wish to build a new country has turned into a faded PR technology; his endless promises – into broken promises; energetic economical reforms – into depression of impoverished, unemployed and bank debtors… and finally, the oath made at the grave of the King Davit Agmashenebeli – to integrate Georgia “from Nikopsia to Darubandi” – has turned into the nightmare of passportization process in Akhalgori district. Nevertheless, almost prickle-less Rose Revolution predicted a huge success, a peaceful governance and a perfect future for him…
Before the Elections, Funds Allocated for Local Self-Governemnts Are Seriously Increased
Before the elections, funds allocated for the local self-governments from the central budget have seriously increased – it is said in the report of the Transparency International – Georgia; the report is about the use of administrative resources for the pre-elections campaign. According to the report, the number of personnel at the Tbilisi City Hall as well as in the district administrations of the regions of Georgia has noticeably increased.

Noghaideli’s Noisy Visit in Guria Region
Leaders of the National Council met their supporters and members in the Ozurgeti Drama Theatre on March 24. Before the meeting, the organizers did not allow the family members of journalist Davit Bolkvadze, who died during the Civil War, into the hall; they clarified that  the National Council was meeting only their activists and supporters. Davit Bolkvadze’s mother and sister blame Loti Kobalia for the murder of the journalist; the latter is a member of Noghaideli. The family members of the dead journalist managed to converse with Noghaideli after the meeting.

Mass Technical Examination of Mini-Buses Suspiciously Coincided with the Visit of Opposition Parties
In order to fail the events scheduled by the National Council in Ozurgeti district the mini-buses were ordered to take technical examinations.

Chronicle of The Pre-Election Terror
At the approaching elections of the self-governments, oppression on the supporters of the opposition parties has increased. Law enforcement officers and officials of the local government threaten members and activists of the opposition parties with ceasing social allowances, firing their family members and relatives from jobs, with planting guns or narcotics on them and detention unless they stop their activities in support of the opposition parties. 

Officials Do Not Want to Tighten Their Belts
“Kutaisi population should know what kind of “tightened belts” the members of district municipality board, they elected three years ago, were wearing. Some of them openly or in secret are leading their election campaign and do their utmost to remain in the government. They use administrative resources for personal purposes and waste state funds,” said members of the Kutaisi office of the Republic Party.

Opposition Parties Discuss Fate of Saakashvili – Death Penalty or Hang Up?
On February 26, representatives of opposition parties had meeting in Saguramo holiday house of Bidzina Gegidze; part of society assessed the meeting as Last Supper. Koba Davitashvili, Irakli Alasania, Bidzina Gegidze, Kakha Kukava, Zurab Noghaideli, Erosi Kitsmarishvili, Aleko Shalamberidze, Levan Gachechiladze and other representatives of opposition parties attended the meeting.
Government Removed Both Belts and Bridle before Elections
According to experts, increase of employees at state institutions is connected with political factors. Representatives of the opposition parties stated that, government will use administrative resource again in the self-governmental elections. The policy of “tightening the belts”, which was announced by the president did not start at all; just the opposite, ongoing events in the regions look more like removing the belts. According to the experts everything will turn into turmoil.

Smear And Loathing In Tbilisi: Mudslinging Targets Rising Georgian Political Star
Perched on a sidewalk along Tbilisi's central Rustaveli Avenue, a large makeshift billboard features a photograph of a beaming Irakli Alasania standing with his wife, Natia. The city pictured in the background? Not Tbilisi, but the glittering skyline of Manhattan.

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