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What Endows With the House of Pupil-Youth of AkhalGori – the Act of Officials or the Demand of Law “about Occupation”?
Tamar Mearkishvili, the director of Pupil-Youth House in Akhalgori states that Akhalgori Municipality Board persecutes her with the political sign. She sent letters to all corresponding structures of Georgian government- MIA, Regional Development and Infrastructure, Integration, the ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sport, also she applied to the public defender and the representative of EU in Georgia. Precisely - Per Eklund, the head of EU representation in Georgia.

Tax Inspection Does not Allow Entrepreneurs to Work
Entrepreneurs often complain about violation of their rights. Social polls of deferent organizations prove this tendency. In Kutaisi, the Human Rights Centre asked people – In which field are human rights most violated in Georgia? - Respondents answered that human rights are mostly breached in business and penitentiary settings. More precisely, citizens pointed out entrepreneurs are threatened, fined for no reasons and blackmailed in Georgia; there are no mechanisms in the country to protect entrepreneurs and tax-payers.

Rebel in Guria
On December 10, about 200 traders of Ozurgeti agricultural market went on strike and blocked railway road in Ozurgeti Railway Station. Because of the rally, Ozurgeti-Tbilisi train arrived three hours late in the capital.

Employees of “Adjara Textile” Complain about Low Salaries and Degrading Treatment from Managers
Employees of “Adjara Textile” complain about hard working conditions against Turkish owners of the company. The Company Administration did not allow more than 100 employees to leave the yard. The gate was locked even for Human Rights Centre.

We Must Catch Up and Overtake Time – Drivers Will Use Autoban Opened on November 23 Only in 2010
On December 3, a car-accident happened near Igoeti village on Tbilisi-Leselidze motor-way – driver of the “Infinite Jeep” could not control the car and it made several turns in the air. Fortunately, nobody died in the accident. It happened on the new autoban which was opened on November 23 by the government and president of Georgia.

Tskhinvali De-Facto Government Demands to Release the Convicted for Terrorist Act in Gori
“Popular topic – Georgian children are captured in the prison of South Ossetia – has been resolved!” said Boris Chochiev, representative of the de-facto government of South Ossetia in post-conflict issues. He said the international community will not speak about the detention of underage children because 17-year-old Viktor Buchukuri and 16-year-old people are in the Tskhinvali custody now. 14-year-old Giorgi Romelashvili and Aleko Tsabadze, arrested on November 4, are already released.

Part of Society Sent Tabooed Questions to Chatholicos Patriarch of Georgia
Part of society, who previously discussed the issue at internet-forums and social networks, sent questions to the Catholicos Patriarch and the government of Georgia.

Paata Zakareishvili: “Georgian Side Will Have To Release Arbitrarily Detained Ossetians”
On November 30, Human Rights Commissionaire of the Council of Europe – Thomas Hammarberg met officials of the de-facto government of Tskhinvali in regard with the release of children kidnapped from Tirdznisi village. Separatists claim that the Georgian government has arbitrarily detained about 20 Ossetian people; so, they will release adults from Tirdznisi only after the hostages are exchanged under principle - “everybody in exchange of everybody”.

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