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Country Lacks Funds for the Prevention of Natural Disaster This Year
The Parents can not let their children sleep at home in Mestia as the threat of a landslide is a constant threat.  Spring is traditionally the season of natural disasters in Georgia. The government has not conducted preventive activities against landslides and floods for several years now. The consequence is that people die and houses, bridges, roads are damaged. At the background of tensed political and social situation environmental problems appear to be far less important in Georgia. It is for this reason that government needs to start thinking about floods and landslides ahead of time and not only when the water level is dramatically rising.  It would be better if the government would spend more on prevention rather than having to spend money and limited resources after the damage has been done.

Tax + Debts=Unbearable Life
Flat of Avtandil Kikvadze, a resident of Kutaisi, has been in the dark already for six months. The old man who lives there is sure that he is not guilty for not being able to pay his bill. One day, the lonely old man, who uses only one bulb and  watches a bit  TV in the evening, received a bill with a huge debt attached; it was so much that he could not afford to pay. Electricity meters in the district where he lives have not been installed yet. People have been using the communal ones left over from the communist times.

Memorial “Ainaalara”: One Step towards Reconciliation
Abkhazian language has been taught at one of the public schools in Rustavi for a year. Collage and school “Lampari” is different from other public schools because pupils have been able to learn Abkhazian language since 2007. On May 15 a memorial to Georgian and Abkhazian people who died in the war was opened in the school yard. The name of the memorial is “Reconcilation.”

Disagreement in Public School in Village of Sakasheti
Teachers punished for complaining to Vardzelashvili

Teachers of the Sakasheti Public School in Gori District were punished for having defended their rights. On March 15 they submitted a letter of complaints to Vardzelashvili, Shida Kartli Regional Governor, and several days later the letter was shared with the person that they had complained about. Eighteen teachers of the school complained about the director who later met them in private and dressed them down over their behavior.

Gori Public Schools Lack Playgrounds and Fenced Grounds
Gori based private public school “Atlanta” is located in the building of the Construction Company # 9 in Besiki Street in Kombinati district of Gori. It has neither play-ground, nor a stadium and its yard is not fenced. Because of lack of the yard children are in danger of getting hit by cars. However, teachers are on duty and take turns carefully watching the children.

The Librarians Request to Rescue Books
If you should enter Kobuleti Library, named after Gulo-Aga Kaikatsishvili, you will see soon see cellophane over the windows instead of the glass, and a curtain that serves the function of a door leading to the book shelves. The library has 20, 000 books in its collection. However, librarians as well as the readers are concerned; they have even requested government to save the books and reconstruct the library building.

Diary of Pre-election Terror
Representatives of the opposition parties blame the government for blatant repression. They claim that the ruling political party, with the support of its activists, and a network of law enforcers and administrative employees are openly oppressing supporters of opposition political parties. Non-governmental organizations claim that the worst situation is in Kakehti region of East Georgia.

Duisi Resident Has Disappeared
Relatives of Davit Gaurgashvili, a resident of the village of Duisi in the Pankisi Valley applied to the Human Rights Center for help. Davit Gaurgashvili has been missing for eleven days already. On April 26 he arrived in Tbilisi by mini-bus and intended to travel to Rustavi. Gaurgashvili was last seen at the Isani Auto Station.

Member of National Movement Seeks Closure of Newspaper
Marina Utiashvili, member of the United National Movement, initiated to close down Kakheti based regional newspaper “Imedi”. The representative of the leading party officially stated that the newspaper is one that is always looking for violations and it should not exist.

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