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Giorgi Shervashidze: “Lack of Investigation Shows Government’s Involvement”
“They were mostly kicking m and it does appear that they were evidently professionals in what they did to me.  They were silent and did not insult me at all. I asked them what they were doing but then I passed out.. When I recovered, the attackers were looking down at me and then continued beating of me for the next thirty seconds. My wife was watching situation from a balcony; neighbors looked out when they heard  her crying and soon the attackers left the yard,” recalled Giorgi Shervashidze, former commander of Georgian Internal Forces and currently a member of the political bloc “Democrats” -  the incident happened on June 19.

Torture Continues in Georgia
On June 26th the Human Rights Centre and Georgian Centre for Psychological & Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (GCRT) held joint protest in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi. June 26th is the UN International Day for the Support of Victims of Torture. There was a hope that human torture incidents would not occur after the Rose Revolution.  However, people continued to be tortured and no end is in sight. A performance dedicated to the June 26th was held in Vera Park. It had the motto “Don’t Torture, Respect a Human Being”. When the performance was over, the action participants then marched on Rustaveli Ave. and later joined a meeting on the issue of torture being held at the Office of the Public Defender.
Take Me Home Never-Fixed Country Road
Rehabilitation funds of the road between the villages of Varkhani and Tsakhani was envisaged in the municipality budget for both 2007 and 2008. However, the rehabilitation has not been completed yet and the work may still continue into the future, even into 2009. The reason for the delay is the lack of responsibility on the part of the road construction company. Local authority, population and building companies have made contradictory statements in the matter.

No Pay No PhD Education, Policy Hinders Educational and Research Process
What will be better for the university and what is the Education Ministry doing about it?

Some of the aspects on which the present state universities in Georgia are starting to function, are completely unacceptable with the point of view of sound reforms to be carried out for creating the knowledge-based economy in Georgia. A doctor’s degree is free in the systems focused on market economy, such as American educational system. The reason for this decision is the fact that during doctor’s degree a person does not receive a new education, or they just produce new knowledge; and the state or different corporations are greatly interested to support them,” Lela Samniashvili, an education expert, made such an assessment based on concrete facts that she recalled. State University left many post-graduates in an obscure situation.
One Week Turnaround for Replies
“I appealed to the City Hall regarding the registration of land on January 18 2008. I provided all documents that they requested and told me to come back within a month. I visited the City Hall on February 18 and I was told to come again in a month. On March 18 they told me this time to come back in two weeks. Next time the term was one month and half. Since that time I visit them every second day. I complained with one of the employees of the City Hall about the situation and who replied that I had to wait for yet another three months.”

“My Final Hope Is Strasbourg Court” Bath House Battles Ministry of Defense
Kukuri Iremadze, former lease-holder of the Batumi Central bath-house, has to receive money from the Defense Ministry and a former state owned company “Adjarkopservisi”. Although the court made the decision five years ago, Iremadze has not been paid yet.  

People Urgently Need Bridge in Shuagele
Nearly twenty families in the village of Shuagele in Kobuleti district are split-off from the rest of the village because there is no of bridge to get across the river. The people had constructed a bridge on their own but during heavy rains the river washed the bridge away. Not the previous or current government has managed to resolve the problem facing the villagers.

Reverend Andria Advises the Government to Install Filters on the Kaspitsementi Ovens
Members of European Regional Assembly visiting Shida Kartli expressed their concern over the dust produced by Kaspitsementi, cement factory in their interview with the Human Rights Centre. In the evening of June 15, 2008 the European guests were invited to village Teliani (Karaghaji), Kaspi District to see traditional Georgian wrestling. The village Teliani is situated rather high elevation. The guests saw how the dust from Kaspitsementi was powdering the Shida Kartli valley and it was an environmental hazard.

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