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“Lomidze Was Interrogated Without Attorney and He Plead Guilty Under Oppression”
Investigator of the Kakheti Regional Police Department finished the investigation on Vano Lomidze, member of the Republic Party and head of the district office of the Alliance for Georgia. Lomidze is accused for denouncement and slander; the crime is punished by 8-year-imprisonment. During the preliminary investigation Lomidze pleaded guilty. He said he had burnt his car because of PR campaign of the party though according to the spread information at the moment Lomidze does not plead guilty and intends to make the statement at the trial. Vazha Varadashvili, attorney of the accused, supposes his client will be oppressed because of changed decision before Kvareli district court discusses his case.

Kota Kapanadze Is Persecuted for Supporting the Opposition Parties
Kakheti Investigation office of the Department for Revenues arrested Kote Kapanadze, senior inspector of the Custom-House “Samtatskaro.” Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office blames Kapanadze for having caused the damage of 208 000 GEL to the state budget when he worked at the Telavi district Tax Inspection in 2007. Telavi district court bailed him with 20 000 GEL. The accused said he and his family are persecuted for supporting the opposition parties.

Former Director Awaiting the Judgment
In July 2007 former director of Batumi Water Supply Company Vladimer Mikeladze was awarded with Deed for his professional activities. One month later, law enforcers launched a criminal case against him. The prosecutor claims Vladimer Mikeladze knew that water was polluted and did not inform the local population about it; that means the lives of people were in danger because of his mistake.
16-Year-Old Teenager Is Oppressed to Plead Guilty
On June 14, police officers detained 16-year-old Davit Gordeladze in Gori. He is accused for thievery, though he did not plead guilty. According to the accused, the policemen threatened him to plead guilty. Nino Dalakishvili, a representative of Public Defender in Gori District, stated that many violations were observed during the detention of the accused.

Tbilisi City Court Sent Ukrainian Citizens to 23-Year-Imprisonment
On June 18 Tbilisi City Court sent Ukrainian Citizen Oresto Bokhonko to 23-year-imprisonment. Bokhonko, who arrived in Georgia as a guest, was charged for possession and purchase of narcotics.

Opposition Representatives Are Persecuted in Khobi Too
The Conservative Party protests the detention of Ioseb Keburia and blames the government for persecuting the opposition on political grounds.

As it was officially reported, on June 17, Keburia was stopped in the street in Khobi and detained for the possession and use of narcotics.

Law Enforcers Did not Accept the Appeals of the Mothers of Detainees
On May 16, 2009 mothers of the detainees organized a protest demonstration close to the Tbilisi Police Main Department. They decided to write an appeal to Valeri Kakauridze, head of temporary detention setting N 2. The mothers expressed their concern about the health conditions of their sons and requested the law enforcers to take the detainees to hospitals. The female demonstrators were concerned because they were not informed about the health conditions of their sons.

Court Does Not Discuss the Case on Dispersal of Journalists
On June 14, President Mikheil Saakashvili met the parliamentary majority. During the meeting the president reproached law enforcers who prevented journalists from their professional activities and required to protect the rights of journalists. After the president’s speech some officials apologized for having abused journalists and others. The Ministry of  Internal Affairs fired three policemen for assaulting the journalists. Although preventing journalists from their professional activities is considered a crime, not a single policeman was charged up to now.

One More Demonstration To Be Held in Gori
Because of detention of Zaal Gudadze from Alliance for Georgia and Tamaz Tlashadze, supporter of the same party a rally will be organized in Gori. Members of the Alliance plan to hold the demonstration in the yard of the Gori State Theatre. Members of the local branch of the party hope that Tina Khidasheli and Davit Berdzenishvili from Tbilisi office of their party will join them.

Attack on Media
Yesterday, as a result of the incident near the Tbilisi Police Main Department journalists also were injured alongside the demonstrators. The victimized media-representatives claim that law enforcers targeted on journalists and hunted on them with particular severity in order to destroy the video and photo recordings of the dispersal. Later, when the Ministry of Internal Affairs returned the cameras all materials were deleted from them.

Detentions on Political Grounds Continue in Gori
Last night, from 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm Zaal Gudadze from Alliance for Georgia and active supporter of this party Tamaz Tlashadze were detained. Davit Razmadze, head of the Gori office of the political party states that shells were discovered on Zaal Gudavadze; and Subotex was found on Tamaz Tlashadze. However, the case-materials do not provide the drug as evidence. The prosecutor’s office demands the detainees to testify their guiltiness and 4 or 5 thousand GEL as bail from them. The state tries to get that amount of money from the detainees.
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