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Industrial Traumas – Hard Fate of Cheap Labor
Some owners of mass enterprises conduct the production and receive profit, mostly, by violating labor rights. One of the examples of these kinds of violations are the industrial traumas resulted from the inadequate increase of working hours and inattention of administration towards the security issues.
“Modern Talking” Did Not Resurrect in Rustavi
 Rustavi City Hall paid 110 000 GEL to the former member of the “Modern Talking” Thomas Anders for the concert of one and half hour.
This year, 210 000 GEL was spent on the celebration of “RsutavKalakoba” (city-anniversary). 160 000 GEL was allocated by the Rustavi budget; additional 50 000 GEL was transferred by the president. Concert of the once very popular European group “Modern Talking” was on the list of the scheduled events during RustavKalakoba; the group fell apart long ago. The concert of the former member of the group Thomas Anders cost 110 000 GEL.
Villages in Water
47 families in the village of Bogdanovka in Sagarejo district (Kakheti region) live in unbearable conditions. The basements and ground floors of their houses have been flooded for several years already. The local population has made draining-channels in their houses in order to save their houses from flooding. 10 houses were flooded in the village of Kurdghelauri in Telavi district too. The victims pour away the water from their rooms in turn day and night.
State Funds Sacrificed to the Football Passion of the Regional Governor and City Mayor
 The public officials travel abroad several times a year and they spend funds from the state budget during their trips. The society does not often know the purpose of their travelling. The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) tried to study this problem in Kvemo Kartli region. We requested public information about the official visits of the regional governor Davit Kirkitadze, Rustavi City Mayor Mamuka Chikovani and chairman of the Rustavi city council Kakha Gurgenidze in foreign countries.
Separatists Collected Signatures in Akhalgori District for Geneva Negotiations
On October 8-9, Akhalgori district de-facto administration collected signatures of the district residents for the Geneva discussions. An official from the de-facto administration reported to us they had received similar directives from Geneva. They should attach those signatures to the appeal of Akhalgori district population to the government of Georgia to re-supply them with gas. The de-facto authority of South Ossetia will send the appeals to the presidents of Georgia, the USA and Russia as well as to Eduard Kokoyti and the co-chairpersons of the Geneva negotiations.
Family Without Social Accommodation Seeks Asylum in Russian Federation
Project “Social Accommodation in Nice Environment” aimed to construct European style residential buildings for the socially disabled people. Nowadays, 52 families live in similar residential buildings in Tbilisi. Several beneficiaries, who were left beyond the “list of the selected,” think that the houses were assigned unfairly. The Kupravas expressed their discontent severely – they started sedentary protest demonstration in front of the former building of the Russian Embassy and requested asylum from the government of Russia.
Passengers of the Missed Train
 Debates in “Boell Foundation” On the Draft of Constitution

On October 6th, public discussion was held in Heinrich Boell Foundation on the topic – “Current Constitutional Reform in Georgia.” Moderator Mindia Ugrekhelidze started out with a rhetoric question: “If the current constitution is bad and is changed with new, it should have been changed with better one and if so, why should we wait till 2013 for it to enter into force?! And if the constitution enters force in 2013, why do we want to adopt it in expedited way?!”
“You have Right to Request Public Information!”
Last week, the world celebrated international day of freedom of information. Though lightly, it was celebrated in Georgia as well. Georgian Young Lawyers Association Kutaisi branch met this date with a report. GYLA is almost the only organization in Kutaisi often addressed by citizens for assistance with requesting the information from different departments.
Hammerberg Is not Satisfied with the Work of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Vice Versa
South Ossetia de-facto government names 140 ethnic Ossetians to be missing. The representatives of South Ossetia de-facto President and a public defender, Davit Sanakoev state that this number includes not only those lost after the 2008 August war but all the lost people between 1989 and 2008.
Where Did “Sandra’s Buses” Disappear?
 Zviad Khmaladze Is Selling Out Municipal Transportation

LLC “Gortransavto,” which was seized from its owner Guja Berikashvili by the local government, is being urgently sold out on the auction today. Why is the enterprise concerning which the court made decisions beneficial for its previous owner being sold?! Guja Berikashvili doesn’t want to express his position on this issue. But, a lot more interesting is the fact that Berikashvili himself might participate in the auction. Practically, he will have to purchase his enterprise for the second time.
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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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